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In search of a blog

Posted by Benjamin Dell on .


In search of a blog

Posted by Benjamin Dell on .

Just a couple of days ago we decided to formalise our approach to dreaming-up, building and launching our many startups. We wanted to become better thinkers, makers and doers. Perhaps most importantly though, we wanted to share our experiences with the wider startup community.

As a first step, we knew we would need a blog with which to talk about and document our journey. I personally spent a day or so looking into the various blogging platforms out there. Sure, we’re a team of developers and so creating our own blog is far from challenging, but i’m also aware that there are some great platforms out there waiting to be used - or so I thought!

So off I went testing them out. Medium, Silvrback and were the three that I focused on mostly. Medium looked great but it was less about promoting your brand and more about being part of a humungous, community driven ‘magazine’. Silvrback and roon, on the other hand, looked far more promising. However, after a short while testing, I quickly realised that I was left unable to do the things that were important to me. For instance, I couldn’t add GoSquared tracking, only Google Analytics. I was also forced to call the blog by my personal name (as opposed to the actual name of the blog - Minimum Ideas), as that is what was used to identify who the author of a post was.

Small issues, granted - but they represented enough of a pain point that we felt the best way to proceed was to simply create our own blog. Within just 4 hours (yesterday) we’d created the blog you’re seeing now. Whilst there are many more things to do, we’re happy with the direction its moving in and actually quite excited about some of the features we’re thinking of adding. So much so, that we’ve decided to turn it into a product!

But why a new blogging platform I hear you ask?

There are two reasons for this.

  • We’re advocates of ‘do as you preach’ and the idea that a problem solved for you is most likely a problem solved for someone else too. If we’re going to create a blog for our own needs, heck, we might as well go that ‘teeny’ bit further and make it available for everyone else.
  • We feel that whilst the blogging world is well served already, there is a gap for a platform that caters to a specific community - and that community? Startups and individuals that need help promoting their brand. We’re not talking about rocket science here, but there are a number of subtle additions to any given blog that help turn it from a placid, run of the mill blog to one that is geared towards helping the blog owner promote their brand, engage with their audience and grow their underlying business. Our blogging platform will focus on these needs.

And the name?

Why, of course :)

What next?

We’ll be releasing an MVP fairly soon. Follow me on Twitter for updates (we’ll be setting up our own Twitter feed soon, as well as an RSS feeds for this blog). Until then, you’ll have to make do with my own Twitter feed I’m afraid.


Benjamin Dell