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It starts at the beginning

Posted by Benjamin Dell on .


It starts at the beginning

Posted by Benjamin Dell on .

Hello and welcome. For those that don't know me, I'm a wine lover, a coffee experimenter and a doting husband & father. Perhaps more pertinently though (in relation to this blog anyway), I'm the kind of guy that can always be found with a new idea percolating in my head and a handful of other ideas at various stages of development.

I've founded a number of startups (Updatey, InstaButler, Jam Seeds, VIP Experience and a couple of other less successful ones). I also run a web development agency, Raw Jam.

I love launching new startups, but I care deeply about doing it in the right way, at the right time and with the right people. I also believe that when an idea is a good idea, it should be given every opportunity to succeed as it possibly can.

Minimum Ideas

Cue Minimum Ideas; a new incubator (or startup factory, as I like to call it) with a focus on delivering killer ideas, with awesome people. Rather than take a scatter-gun approach to launching startups (as I have often done in the past), Minimum Ideas exists to find, explore and create a set of reusable strategies enabling us to develop and run multiple ideas, in parallel.

On a high level our objectives centre around being able to:

  • Select the right idea, at the right time.
  • Apply a 'fail fast, fail early' approach not only to the product once it has been launched, but also during the embryonic planning, design and development phases. In effect, we want to make sure that a bad idea is identified and pushed to the side as early as possible.
  • Draw upon a set of reusable strategies that help create as consistent a result as possible - and where a strategy doesn't fit, to define a new one for future use.

A working document

...but one designed to be shared with the community

Corporate transparency is a trend these days (e.g. Buffer). I'll be taking this ethos one step further by not only sharing the failures and successes of the startups we launch, but also the processes and approach we took to launch them in the first place.

Follow me as I share my experiences as we dream up, strategise, design, build and launch a number of new startups. As we move from one startup to another, we'll be bringing with us key learnings from the previous start-up as well as tips tricks and rock solid strategies. All of which I'll be sharing here - warts and all!


Benjamin Dell